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👋 About Me

✨Solution-Driven Innovator With a Passion for Product + Operations.✨


✨ Product Innovator 💕 Empathetic Communicator 📝 Student of the Internet

*With over 10 years of experience in product and project management, I help build digital solutions for media, e-commerce, and SaaS customers across various industries. I currently work with an enterprise payroll solutions organization to steer product vision and strategy, facilitate story elaboration and backlog refinement sessions, and maintain thriving partner relationships. I'm passionate about creating a transparent and collaborative team environment while solving problems that delight users and elevate their experience.

In my free time I am an active participant in several Web3 communities, learning, experimenting, and building with those who are equally as excited about the potential this technology has to unlock a more fruitful experience for individuals interacting with the internet. I strongly believe that Web3 and the associated technology offer opportunities to drastically change the way we move through the world - both physically and digitally - and that it has the ability to shift power from platforms back to the creators and builders, supporting a more even and fair playing field.*

☎️ Contact

✉️ Email

[email protected]


🌐 Website

💻 AnniePressman.comYou Are Here https://www.anniepressman.com

💼 Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/anne-pressman/

🤝 Talent Protocol https://beta.talentprotocol.com/u/anniepressman

✨ Skills

◈ Business Analysis

◈ Agile Methodologies

◈ Product-Led Growth (PLG)

◈ Market Research + Trend Analysis

◈ Product Roadmap

💫 Apps

◈ Miro

◈ Jira

◈ Github

◈ Trello

◈ Figma

🌟 Industry

◈ Web3 and Blockchain

◈ AI Prompting

◈ Product Ops

◈ E-commerce | Payments | Social Media | Entertainment + Digital Media

🤖 Experience

ITX Corp.


Creative Communication Associates


Patient Experience Project



🎓 Education

Boston University

Major in Television Production

Focus on writing

Sept 2002 - May 2006 · B.S. Film & Television

Product School